Gospel Sermons and Preaching

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14

Good sermons on the Gospel from a variety of preachers\teachers\pastors.  I recommend listening to Jim McClarty first.  Please note that most of Paul Washer’s and Darvin Pruitt’s preaching is strong and pointed.

John 21 Closing the Books – Jim McClarty (67min – 16mb)

More sermons from Jim McClarty:  || GCA Main Archive Page ||  The Book of John Section – this is sermon # 93

2 Timothy 3 Gospel Message (excerpts) – Jim McClarty (28min – 3mb)

Christ Is All – Gene Harmon (35min – 4mb)

Saved by Grace Through Faith (Part A-excerpts) – Jeff Noblit (30min – 4mb)

Saved by Grace Through Faith (Part B-excerpts) – Jeff Noblit (32min – 4mb)

The Washing of Regeneration (excerpts) – Jim McClarty (42min – 5mb)

The True Gospel (excerpts) – Richard Caldwell Jr. (33min – 4mb)

What is the Gospel (excerpts)? – Paul Washer (28min – 3mb)

Basic Christianity (excerpts) – Paul Washer (22min – 3mb)

Looking at the Cross from God’s Perspective (excerpts) – John MacArthur (53min – 6mb)

Christ is All (excerpts) – Darvin Pruitt (32min – 4mb)

He Saved Us – Jim McClarty (60min – 7mb)

What is the Gospel? – Allan Jellett (47min – 6mb)

My Gospel – Darvin Pruitt (31min – 4mb)

Simply Believe – John MacArthur (28min – 3mb)

The Ministry of Reconciliation – Darvin Pruitt (34min – 4mb)

1 Peter 3:8-9 – Fred Evans (35min – 4mb)

What is it to be Born of God? – Darvin Pruitt (34min – 4mb)


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A link to the audio book at the web site gotquestions.org.  429 popular questions answered.  This link will download a zip file.  After unzipping (extracting) then these audio files can be imported into an mp3 player or burned onto a CD.  Download the free “audio book” here.

Other Good Sermons

My Hope and My Heart – Darvin Pruitt (40min – 5mb)

Can We Know If We Know Christ? – Darvin Pruitt (47min – 6mb)

Holy Ghost Conviction – Dr. Curt D. Daniel (48min – 6mb)

Are You Trying to Reform Yourself (testimonial) – illbehonest.com (19min – 2mb)

What Does it mean to be Saved? – Darvin Pruitt (38min – 5mb)

Galatians 2 (excerpts) – Jim McClarty (46min – 5mb)

The Uncompromising Gospel (excerpts) – Darvin Pruitt (31min – 4mb)

Declaring the end from the Beginning – Jim McClarty (43min – 5mb)

One Sacrifice – Jim McClarty (54min – 6mb)

John 14:28-31 – Jim McClarty (59min – 7mb)

The Two Thieves – Jim McClarty (58min – 7mb)

Theology of the Resurrection Part 5 – Jim McClarty (60min – 7mb)

Harmitology Part 4 – Jim McClarty (71min – 8mb)

Christology-Part 12 Resurrection – Jim McClarty (72min – 9mb)

Feeding the Inner Man – Darvin Pruitt (35min – 4mb)

Receiving (or not) the Kingdom – Allan Jellett (35min – 4mb)

The Book of Matthew-32 (excerpts) – Jim McClarty (64min – 8mb)

The Holy Spirit of Promise – Darvin Pruitt (30min – 4mb)

Binding the Strong Man – Jim McClarty (69 min – 8mb)

Regeneration (excerpts from – The Warefare) – Don Fortner (11min – 1mb) Full Sermon (11mb – 47min)

Are You Born of God? – Fred Evans (36min – 4mb)

The Book of Matthew 69 – Jim McClarty (72min – 8mb)

Wretched But Not Condemned – Don Fortner (46min – 5mb)

Evidences of Spiritual Life by Thomas Boston – Jeff Noblit (24min – 3mb) Full Sermon-also above Part B (32min – 4mb)

Appointed Afflictions excerpts (excerpts) – Fred Evans (15min – 2mb) Appointed Afflictions (44min – 5mb)

Believers Prayers for One Another – Allan Jellett (43min – 5mb)

1 Corinthians-Be Imitators of Me – Jim McClarty (66min – 16mb)

1 Corinthians-If God be for Us – Jim McClarty (68min – 16mb)

America’s Liberty and Independence – Stephen McDowell (59min – 14mb)