Web Links

Gotquestions.org – A searchable web site that answers Bible and theology questions (over 4,700).  Related questions are also grouped into categories here is link to the category Salvation.  Most of the answers pages have an audio link and there is also an audio archive with podcast feeds that can be set up on a podcast player.

Sermonaudio.com – Incredible web site that features the largest library of free sermons from conservative churches on the web.  The library is searchable by speaker, topic, popularity, etc.  Site also has an online hymnal and local church finder.   Mobile – on the bottom of the main page are links to get mobile versions of the site for iphone, android, blackberry, kindle, etc.  I use the iphone app and it works great. I use this site to download sermons of my favorite preachers and also to get their podcast links.

Hymnal – from sermonaudio.com – Nice collection of Hymns with the lyrics and also the hymn history.

Salvationbygrace.org – Pastor\teacher Jim McClarty (one of my favorites) of Grace Christian Assembly.  This site has a library of his sermons.  Also a podcast link (currently using this podcast in itunes).   CGA Archives

HeartCrymissionary.com – The site of HeartCry Missionary Society and Paul Washer (preaches the Biblical Gospel in a strong and powerful way).

monergism.com – Great reformed theology site with lots of resources.  Monergism – the doctrine that the Holy Ghost acts independently of the human will in the work of regeneration.

freegraceradio.com – Listing of reformed Preachers that links over to their sermons on sermonaudio.com.  There is also a podcast (in iTunes search for freegraceradio.com).